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Priscillia Xavier

Indie Pop, Jazz, Pop, R&B/Soul, Covers, Indie Rock

Acoustic Guitar

Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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AWARDS & NOTEABLE MENTIONS: - WINNER of RM30,000 NAKED Unsigned Singing Competition (Season 1) – 2014: VIDEO - #PRISXAVIERMUSICTOUR: The ONLY Malaysian Female Artist actively gigging across South-East Asia -- KUALA LUMPUR > SINGAPORE > JAKARTA > BANGKOK > HO CHI MINH CITY – 2015 till present - BRAND AMBASSADOR for Peep Boutique – 2015 till present - TOP 4 SINGER SONGWRITERS to look out for in 2016 – ASTRO VBUZZ (Lifestyle TV Show): VIDEO - BRAND AMBASSADOR for Lindsay Marcus Guitars – 2017 ___ BIO: A dreamer, a trobairitz and a soulful story-teller; 3 things that best describe Priscillia Xavier and what her artistry represents. Influenced and hugely inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, Alex Vargas, Alani ... See More

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