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Electronic Music

Leuven, Belgium

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Poldoore’s sound is about good vibes. Blending soul, funk and jazz into atmospheric, instrumental hip-hop. Spending parts of his youth in the US as well as in Belgium, Poldoore quickly found himself making beats.With his ears both in old and new, he carved out his own distinctive, melodic sound. When in his late teens, his productions caught the eye of L.A.-based label Cold Busted, signing him for various releases and two full-on albums. Poldoore’s first EP ‘Street Bangerz Vol. 6: Playhouse’ shot number one on the Beatport funk and reggae charts in no less than four days. He followed up consistently with every new release topping the site’s top 10 charts, earning him a loyal and widespread fan base. Poldoore continues to work hard and with h ... See More

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