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Chill Music, Techno, House, Deep House, Tech House, Electro

Bangkok, Thailand

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Ikono stands for iconoclash. A project coming from the craving of exploring. New boundaries, all and nothing, a mix of all the poems that crossed our existence, all the writers that sat in our living room describing their fires. This is what I would listen while meditating under a tree or murdering someone. The magic of Ignorance. The magic of Adrenaline. The taste of a Saturday’s 6 am. Beautiful and insane. Feverish and nervous. Calm but white. Coming from the center of Italy, ikono promptly faced his appetite for music starting his 360 degrees journey joining punk and metal bands throughout the underground Italian scene. He then continued the trip in the direction of electronic music migrating to Rome, Milan, London, Ber ... See More

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