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Halim Ardie

House, Deep House, Tech House

Bali, Indonesia

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Starting out DJing in 2007, Halim slowly evolved his craft to the point it is at now. Collecting tracks from all different genres to create a truly unique show. Having worked at various clubs as the resident DJ, Halim is accustomed to playing all night, while spinning tracks for every mood. Being able to combine the funk and soul music for sunsets, to the ambient chill vibes of dinnertime to the big beats of the first cocktail of the night. All the way to the deep infectious beats of main-floor clubs. Mixed together seamlessly. Having played along side Downtown Party Network, Shiba San, Marshall Jefferson and some of the best of Indonesia, Halim knows how to keep the party going. Halim also has a weekly radio show on called 5ks Til ... See More

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